49th Annual NJ Concrete Awards
Honorable Mention
Route 79 Streetscape Improvements
Marlboro, NJ

The section of Route 79 in this project is also known as Main Street in Marlboro Township. Main Street is a heavily traveled roadway with historic homes as well as businesses.

The project involved the construction of 4-inch concrete sidewalk to replace existing failing or missing sidewalk throughout the project, and the addition of decorative streetlights and ADA compliant curb ramps.

Concrete was chosen as the material of choice rather than bituminous sidewalk due to its durability and the ability for color to be added to create a unique feel. The amount of concrete used for the sidewalk totaled approximately 1,000 cubic yards, using 4,500 psi design strength concrete. Advantages of the 4,500 psi concrete for sidewalks include a few water cement ration, high strength and high cement content to withstand the de-icing materials, and freezing/thawing cycles associated with typical winter conditions experienced in this region.

49th Annual NJ Concrete Awards
Honorable Mention
Penn Lyle Road – Phase I
West Windsor, NJ

Due to stormwater regulations and environmental considerations, planners had to choose a permeable surface for this project. Since gravel is not ideal for a jogging path, pervious concrete was chosen.

Over 185 cubic yards of pervious concrete was used for 12,000 square feet of 5-inch thick, 5-foot wide sidewalk.

52nd Annual NJ Concrete Awards
Merit Award – Streetscapes
New York Avenue Roadway Improvements
Hudson County, NJ

The New York Avenue Phase 4 improvements included the reconstruction of an 18 block area that included a mixed-use commercial and residential neighborhood with access to schools. City Hall, the Bergenline commercial district, transportation access and community parks.

Concrete was utilized to construct the curbing, light foundations, sidewalks and driveways. New decorative sidewalks consisted of London score concrete with 2-inch to 3-inch wide red stamped sidewalk. All concrete, totaling 2,970 cubic yards, was NJDOT Class B based mix design.